WDI – Pest Inspection


ODA Pesticide Business License No: 105855

Wood Destroying Insects is the descriptive term to the group of insects that cause the most damage to wood. The insects in question are: Termites, Carpenter Bee’s, Carpenter Ants and Power Post Beetle’s. Of these, Subterranean termites are by far the most common and destructive.

It is becoming more common now for lenders such as FMA to request a pest (WDI) inspection before the real estate transaction can be completed. However, it is equally important to ensure the structural safety of the property against WDI infestation as if it is left untreated significant damage can occur.

Detecting signs of WDI infestation are not always easy to locate but you may see some of the more common signs in an area that has been subjected to excessive moisture or any areas of the property that have been in direct contact with the exterior or ground. You may find, insect wings on the floor or window sills as termites shed their wings when they relocate. Shelter tubes may also be seen on the wood surface which are tunnels the termites create to navigate around the infested area.

The inspection will consist of a complete property search including the exterior and some mild probing of any detected affected areas to assess the live content of the pest. The reason for this is that there may not be any signs of activity but the damage could already be severe enough to warrant some form of action. A written report on form NPMA-33 will be provided on the same day of the inspection.

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